Z-Force Integrated Performance System: The Ultimate Fitness Community

Are you a club owner, school coach or youth leader that:

  • Is looking for the next breakthrough in fitness training?
  • Would like to improve their community and loyalty to their institution?
  • Wants to be more efficient and effective producing tremendous results?

There is a solution, the Z-Force Integrated Performance system.

  • The ZIPS system is designed to deliver individualized training protocols.
  • ZIPS provides gender and sport-specific training.
  • ZIPS is based upon scientific principles tied to unique technologies that produce astonishing results.
  • ZIPS provides a weight room management system that is scientific, coherent, organized and effective.
  • ZIPS users find solutions to their fitness needs and therefore stay with the system.
A ZIPS license allows the user a one-of-a-kind, scientifically based, individualized interactive training system that is found in a simple to use app. It allows for large-group management on an individual level and performs record keeping and reporting.We fully support the system with software upgrades, geographical rights, consultation and support.

Now is the time to improve your performance and enhance your community.

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If you would like more information, view our Brochure 1 or our Brochure 2

*Note: this system requires specific weight lifting equipment, vibration plates and treadmills.

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