Boy jumpingADC is about creating an athlete. An athlete is an individual who has developed the following qualities: Speed, Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, Balance, Agility and Coordination.

These characteristics must be cultivated. ADC knows that athletes don’t just show up on game day and succeed. The groundwork for success must be laid.

ADC provides expert athletic training based on leading edge concepts from several training systems. We use the best of the best from all over the world. We rely heavily on the Eastern European and Russians for much of the training paradigms.

ADC has identified the most effective physiological concepts from several different training physiologies and broken them down into 14 variables. These variables are manipulated to give ADC consistent results.

We develop each of the 8 characteristics that make a person athletic. The case of Mike Frank is a typical example. Mike improved his bench 85 lbs, his squat 115 lbs, his deadlift 100 lbs and dropped his 40 yd dash time .25 of a second.

The following are the average improvements for over 3,500 athletes during the last eleven years.

Test results after 8 weeks of training:

  • Squat – average improvement 123 lbs.
  • Bench – average improvement 57 lbs.
  • Vertical Jump – average improvement 5 ¼ inches
  • Standing Long Jump – average improvement 8 ¼ inches
  • 40 yard dash – a 0.27 reduction in time
  • Pro agility – a .21 reduction in time.

Mike hit or did better than most of these marks.

ADC is a complex system that is simple to use. It provides incredible results. It creates athletics and athleticism and is what makes for great players in any sport.