The Story

ADC is a result of the pursuit of athletic excellence. As a person who has coached a variety of sports, it became apparent to me that success, no matter in what area of sports, depended upon a quality everyone calls athleticism.

I’ve coached football, basketball, wrestling and track. I’ve had extensive contact with soccer players, baseball players, lacrosse players, swimmers and volleyball players. In each area, I’ve found there were specific qualities that these players had that made them successful. These qualities related to the specific sport but were independent of that sport.

These qualities were speed, strength, power, endurance, agility, balance, flexibility and ultimately, coordination. Some of these qualities are directly related to one another and can be simultaneously developed. Things like speed, strength, flexibility, power and endurance can be folded into one another. They overlap, they contribute to each of the others.

They have to be developed individually but they contribute to the whole. They should be focused on individually but they correlate to one another.

Balance and agility are separate entities. They must be focused on because they involve unique physiological activities. For example, people often group speed and agility together but they are not the same in terms of neuromuscular activity.

Speed is predominantly a concentric activity whereas agility is a more eccentric activity. One is more concerned with going while the other is more concerned with stopping.

Rich ZawackI don’t want to make this too complex, but coordination is the organization of different elements so they can work together.

Athleticism depends upon the development of speed, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, balance and agility into an organized pattern. This combination is used to support a particular type of activity like baseball or soccer.

The story is about our quest to develop each of these elements in the individual. We had to know what each element contained and then we had to set up the individual so they could acquire those particular characteristics.

We have always focused on each particular quality so that the individual could create a complete support system for the sport they wanted to be successful in.

This support system evolves into coordination, which is the culmination of the story. This is really a simple overview of how you become an athlete.

One thing is for sure, athletes are always successful players.