ZIPS, the Z-Force Integrated Performance System, is the most sophisticated and advanced training and organizational tool currently on the market.

Based on the advanced training protocols developed by ADC, ZIPS creates athleticism. It is designed to manipulate the neurological, muscular, endocrine and cardiovascular systems to improve physical performance.

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It targets 8 areas of performance: speed, strength, power, agility endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination. Each area must be developed individually then brought together in concert.

The goal is to create “the athlete” – the person who can perform in a variety of different sporting situations.

All of this underlies a software/system of protocols that direct an individual to make them the best athlete they can be.

The system is a progression. It stresses the individual in a number of physiological areas. It also stresses the individual in the 8 areas of performance.

The ZIPS Software System begins with the basics, or what is called General Physical Preparedness (GPP). The goal is to develop the basic systems in the body, laying the groundwork to support the 8 characteristics of the perfect athlete. There are three GPP levels.

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Once the GPP groundwork is laid, the software system leaps the athlete into the area of sport specificity. This is where we hone specific attributes that contribute to success in a particular sport. There are over 20 sport specific workouts or SPP’s (Sport Preparedness Programs). There are programs for sports like football, basketball, swimming, baseball, wrestling, etc.

These programs use the athletic base developed during the GPP’s and focuses on the specific qualities that make a player great in their particular sport.

ZIPS Software takes these basic principles and individualizes them. Every person who does a program is pre-tested. The data is fed into the software system. It then creates a program that is particular to the person based on their strengths and weaknesses.

The person who begins the system will then interact with it. As their workout is presented, they will feed back to the system, telling the system what they were able to successfully complete. The system will respond immediately and instruct them if change is needed. At the end of the workout that compiled information will affect the next workout.

The software keeps track of individual progress. It provides a window from which a coach or trainer can view and measure progress.

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The system is accompanied by a series of instructional videos that guide the person through all the exercises, explaining proper body mechanics.

ZIPS is a coach or trainers friend. It eliminates paperwork. It creates appropriate progressions and it gives biomechanical instruction. It allows a coach to coach without having to create a lesson plan.

All of this and it is easy to use. You don’t have to be a computer wiz to use ZIPS. You don’t need an IT staff to administer ZIPS. ZIPS is the most efficient way to deliver highly effective training to a large number of athletes with a minimal expenditure of human resources.

If your school or gym has ZIPS, they have the cutting edge to developing athletic ability.